Rustic Art Vetiver Soap


The fountain of youth! Loaded with regeneration and anti ageing properties, Veti..

Rustic Art Vanilla Soap


Relive your favorite childhood ice cream with the Rustic Art Organic Vanilla Soa..

Rustic Art Turmeric Soap


Adding that golden spice to your skin! Glow like you were always meant to. Rusti..

Rustic Art Tea Tree Shaving Soap


Beard is temporary, jaw line is permanent, flaunt it! Tea tree is anti bacterial..

Rustic Art Tea Tree Rosemary Soap


The Jack and Jill that went uphill to keep you protected from bacteria, fungi, i..

Rustic Art Spa Soap


Now ignite that SPArk within! Does exactly as it says, and says exactly as it do..

Rustic Art Sandal Soap


Forever young? Maybe not. Forever young looking? Yes! Sandal is the perfect anti..

Rustic Art Patchouli Soap


New year, new me, literally! Patchouli helps in skin regeneration. It de-odorize..

Rustic Art Orange Turmeric Shaving Soap


Beard is temporary, jaw line is permanent, flaunt it! Orange and turmeric help i..

Rustic Art Orange & Cinnamon Soap


The duo that'll win you all the wars against acne! Rustic Art Orange and Cinnamo..

Rustic Art Neem Soap


Are you sensitive? Want someone who understands you? You neem not think about it..

Rustic Art Lemon Charcoal Soap


The professional deep oil excavator at your doorstep. The new Rustic Art Organic..

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