Terms & Conditions

  1. No cancellation would be allowed, once the order has been placed unless the cancellation policy has been relaxed for the time being and such relaxation has been specifically mentioned at the time of order.
  2. The seller at its sole discretion may cancel the order at any time before the physical delivery of the order. The seller shall on such cancellation, attempt to inform and intimate the buyer/customer of such cancellation, at any time before the due date of delivery.
  3. In case of cancellation as per clause 2, of a pre-paid order, the complete invoice amount would be refunded to the account of the buyer/customer.
  4. The company shall attempt to process a refund of the amount, due on cancellation, within 7 working days, however, any and all delays in refund shall not be the liability of the Company and the buyer/customer is requested to contact their respective banks for an update on the refund amounts.
  5. The liability of the company is limited to the extent of the product value only. The liability of the company shall not and will not in any case extend beyond the invoice value. The amount of government-imposed tax and delivery fee shall not be included to calculate the amount of liability.
  6. The company shall hold absolute control of the Return of Articles, where the buyer / customer has cited quality issue. The decision of the Company in quality issues shall be last and final in the regard.
  7. No interest on refunds would be allowed.
  8. The buyer / customer may at some rare occasions be asked to pay additional charges on account of nature of interstate shipping, which are levied once a shipment reaches your state. In case, where additional duties or taxed are assessed, customer will be responsible for paying these additional fees.
  9. In case of non-delivery of package after 3 unsuccessful attempts at the specified address, the package will be returned to company and the order shall stand automatically cancelled and no refund will be issued.
  10. No return or exchange shall be entertained after 30 days of receiving the order.
  11. All disputes are subject to Delhi jurisdiction only.
  12. In case of any concern, please mark you mail to info@panchnaina.com